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    I would like to utilize MS SQL on various database projects. In addition, I would like to use ASP to conduct transactions and reporting from those databases.<BR><BR>Now for my concern:<BR><BR>Can I legally build a database utilizing ASP components to report and manipulate data without purchasing the SQL licenses for my entire user base?<BR><BR>I know this is a strange one for this forum, but I haven&#039;t seen it mentioned.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>James

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    If you are hosting your own website then NO if not the Web hosting company gtes the licenses

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    Default Various SQL Server Licenses...

    There are actually a few different kinds of SQL Server licenses that you can buy.<BR><BR>There are per seat licenses, which you would have to buy one for each connection to your database server. ** Note, each concurrent CONNECTION - not each user. If your pages open the database as late as possible and close it as quickly as possible, you will minimize the # of connections needed.<BR><BR>There is also another kind of license, an "Internet Connector" or something like that. It allows you have as many concurrent connections to your database server as you like.<BR><BR>Usually, whenever I have questions about licensing. I call use a sales rep. at CDW and claim that I&#039;ll want to purchase it. Then I ask them what I need to buy - they usually tell you all that you need to know.<BR><BR>-Doug

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