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Thread: "scripts" reserved directory name? can't acce

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    Default "scripts" reserved directory name? can't acce

    My client has an html form (litreq.asp) on their web server that posts the form data to an asp script (newemail.asp) residing on the same server in a directory called "Scripts". The html form is in another directory (at the same level as "Scripts") called "literature".<BR><BR>The path for the form action is action="../Scripts/newemail.asp".<BR><BR>The result? Clicking submit on the form yields a "page not found error." However, if I make a new directory at the same level and call it "script" [note it&#039;s the singluar form of scripts], put a copy of the newemail.asp in it, and set the form path to action="../script/newemail.asp" everything works!<BR><BR>So, is there a way to determine how or why the "Scripts" directory is acting as a reserved name/folder, and, more importantly, is there a way to change the "Scripts" folder so it can receive requests?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>gene

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    Default Virtual directory created by default.

    If you look in the Internet Services Manager, you&#039;ll see that there is a "Scripts" virtual directory created by default.<BR><BR>Either remove that or change the name of your folder.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default Don't do it

    The scripts directory is the first place hackers try to get into your website... trust me. Don&#039;t put anything in there.

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