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    I went Staples this morning fully expexting to shell out $500.00 - $600.00 for VS Studio.NET. Then I saw the standard version of vb.net sitting there for $99.00. All I want is to build VB.NET web applications and the standard looks like it will suit that just fine. I mean it's all built to cater to the web. So what am I missing out on by not buying VS Studio.NET that I may ever actual use or need for that matter? Tell me!

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    I found VS.Net Professional on Amazon.com for $499.<BR><BR>I was like you.. just gonna buy C#.Net or C++.Net. But by the time you add the things up, plus the integrated IDE, etc, it may be cheaper for you in the long run to shell out the extra $400. I mean, what if next month you master VB.Net, then you want to check out C#?<BR><BR>If you&#039;re sure you&#039;ll never use anything else, yeah, save yourself the cash and just by VB.Net standard.

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