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    I have many single dimension arrays and I need to find what the largest upper bound value is from all of them. Is their some sort of compare i can do?

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    Dim iMaxUBound<BR> iMaxUBound = -123456<BR><BR>If iMaxUBound &#060; UBound(array1) Then iMaxUBound = UBound(array1)<BR>If iMaxUBound &#060; UBound(array2) Then iMaxUBound = UBound(array2)<BR>If iMaxUBound &#060; UBound(array3) Then iMaxUBound = UBound(array3)<BR>If iMaxUBound &#060; UBound(array4) Then iMaxUBound = UBound(array4)<BR><BR>-Doug

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