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    Hi,<BR>Here&#039;s my problem. Basically I have a big list of constants that I am using in my Stored procedures (see below). I have about 40 of them (I only list about 5 below as an example). Basically what Im looking to know is there a way of sticking these into ONE file and then including it in the stored procedure as opposed to have to doing a cut and paste into each one of the stored procedures I use them in (This could mean I may have to maintain up to 26 sp&#039;s as oppossed to just one). Im sure theres a way but I just dont know how its done....<BR>All help appreciated.<BR><BR>declare @ReviewNewOrder int,<BR>@ProcessTask int,<BR>@plProcessAdjustment int,<BR>@NewOrderBranch int,<BR>@plProcessRenewal int,<BR>@plReferNewOrder int<BR><BR>select @ReviewNewOrder = 2 <BR>select @ProcessTask = 3<BR>select @plProcessAdjustment = 4<BR>select @NewOrderBranch = 18<BR>select @plProcessRenewal = 6<BR>select @plReferNewOrder = 7

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    Default Why not create a table?

    And store them there?<BR><BR>-Doug

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