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    I posted on this in the ASP board but I guess it really belongs here, couldn&#039;t resolve my problem there. Here is my query<BR><BR>SELECT Employee_ID FROM Attendance WHERE Date_In = &#039;" & thisDay & "&#039;<BR><BR>thisDay is just a Date variable and Date_In is a datetime field, with data in it like &#039;3/25/2002 7:35:24 AM&#039;<BR>Is is possible to drop the time off the field in the query? or do I have to pull it out and do that with ASP? <BR>I could pull the data out and split it with ASP but I&#039;d rather do it in the query if possible.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default What DB?

    Actually, it looks like SQL Server because of the apostrophes.<BR><BR>Try looking at the CONVERT() function.<BR><BR>-Doug

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