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    I am putting a web page on a CD for distribution ....<BR><BR>I want the web page to start up automatically when the put the CD in ....<BR><BR>I use the Autorun.inf file to do this ...<BR>here is what I have so far ....<BR><BR>[autorun]<BR>OPEN = c:windowscommandstart.exe default.html<BR><BR>it works on most computers but on a few it doesnt work.<BR>These few dont have autorun disabled because other programs autorun on the machine ...<BR><BR>I have been looking here ... ... to get info ...<BR><BR><BR>can anyone tell me if I am missing something

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    Default Path is probably incorrect.

    On most Windows computers, .HTML files are associated with a web browser.<BR><BR>Why not just do:<BR>OPEN=default.html<BR><BR>And, isn&#039;t this quite a stretch for an ASP forum? :)<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default yeah because..

    A lot of PC&#039;s don&#039;t have c:windows directory, mine is c:winnt, you could probably do %systemroot%commandetc.. or as Doug said lose the command bit completely.

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