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    i have this code<BR>dim myarr()<BR>x=0<BR>for each val in request.form("dsfs")<BR>myarr(x)=val<BR>x=x+1<BR>n ext <BR><BR>for each value in myarr<BR>response.write(value)<BR>next<BR><BR>this gives me a subscript out of range error in myarr(x)=val<BR>if i declare redim myarr(5) then it works fine but it loops 6 times in the second for loop showing the blank values.<BR>Why isnt the array being dynamic when i declare it the dynamic way. ?<BR><BR>brij <BR>

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    dim myarr() <BR>x=0 <BR>ReDim Preserve myarr(request.form("dsfs").count)<BR><BR>for each val in request.form("dsfs") <BR>myarr(x)=val <BR>x=x+1 <BR>next <BR><BR>for each value in myarr <BR>response.write("#"&value) <BR>next <BR>%&#062;

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