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    I&#039;m currently working on developing an application where users can upload images into a photo album. The problem is that <BR>1) i have no control over the image files uploaded.<BR>2) I have a limited amount of space per user.<BR>3) Images need to fit into a fixed space.<BR>I&#039;m looking for a way to take the jpegs that users are uploading, and turn them into 2 images: a thumbnail and a larger "detail" image. There are components available on the market, but they range in price from $100 to over $1000. I&#039;d prefer to write or adapt a pre existing script instead of purchasing a component. Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Kyle

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    Default Purchase a component.

    ASPImage by is fairly inexpensive. ASP doesn&#039;t handle Binary data well at all.<BR><BR>Also, there is a post on this in the ASP Q&A forum.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    there is a way but is would be messy and assumes you have knowledge<BR><BR>1.upload image to temp folder using scripts found on the internet(you can set file size limits using fso)<BR><BR>2.use methods to load, resize, and save graphics (there are some tutorials on the net)<BR><BR>3.delete temp file<BR><BR>i&#039;m sure you can tweak this if you are storing images as blobs in a database. should be fairly straight forward if it is just the image as a file on the internet, or a path to the file in a database.<BR><BR>If you are a hard-core programmer you could try using python within asp as your scripting language and its built in image libraries. I know you can do it this way, however I failed miserably when I was trying python and finally just bought aspImage from (about $60 for single processor license)<BR><BR><BR>

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