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    bottie Guest

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    HI,... how can I combine asp and flash into one application,.... i have seen one example for chat room using flash and asp.... any one know any URL which have this kind of information ??... I&#039ve look for it in macromedia site but,...couldn&#039t find it....<BR>thanks for the information<BR><BR>best regards,

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    Sathiya Guest

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    Hi search for ASPTURBINE its a third party control which combines flash and asp. If you can tell which chatroom combines ASP and Flash it will be very helpful to me.

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    I&#039ve tried it and made it work, but I can&#039t find the files at the moment.<BR><BR>You might need to dig around on the MM site,I found all the info I needed there.<BR><BR>Look for Generator (there is probably a trial version).<BR><BR>

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    omalleyb Guest

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    No problem buds.<BR><BR> If you need to read values from ASP you can use the getNetText function in Director shockwave - I&#039m sure there&#039s a corresponding function in Flash. Build a URL string with the parameters needed to fire the ASP, e.g.<BR><BR> getNetText("../asp/score.asp?user=" & gUser & "&score=" & gScore)<BR><BR>That&#039ll cause the ASP to be executed; you can extract the variables on the ASP side by using:<BR><BR> varUser = Request.QueryString("user")<BR><BR>which refers to the variable &#039user&#039 in the URL above.<BR><BR> So that executes an ASP - what comes back to shockwave is negligable. But if you wanted to get the result of an operation returned by the ASP then simply have the ASP write what you need into the resultant HTML. Usually this would be inserted into HTML, but in this case you want to leave the HTML out. On the shockwave side:<BR><BR> set gResult = getNetText("../asp/results.asp?username=sean&userpass=goodstuff")<BR> <BR>(variables hardcoded above)<BR> If you need to send large text fields to the ASP then you might be better using postNetText(whatIwannapost) or it&#039s equivalent in Flash.<BR><BR> Another trick is to embed your movies in an ASP - thus you can have the movie read in external parameters from its object/embed tag. Set swLiveConnect=TRUE when doing this in Netscape however.<BR><BR> Any problems, email - this stuff took me frikkin&#039 ages to figure out!

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    bottie Guest

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    Cool,... thanks All...<BR><BR>and Brian,... It made you goin&#039 crazy right hehehe,.... but, It&#039s interesting.... thanks,... I will mail you if I have any problems.... :)<BR><BR>my email is

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