Not sure what the source of this problem is, so I&#039;ll give the symptoms. This site is using IIS 5.0, and SQL Server 7.0.<BR><BR>All the following symptoms occur at odd intervals, and do not seem to be predictable:<BR>1. Recordsets come back eof when they are not.<BR>2. The event log says the connection is not being made.<BR>3. Pages don&#039;t load properly (but did last time accessed).<BR><BR>Also, on every page we have, we have an include file that makes the connection to the database. (This connection gets closed on every page as well - this didnt cause any problems before.)<BR><BR>Theres a pending back up job didn&#039;t execute because the tape was full. (This was sitting on the server - maybe it has something to do with this problem)<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for ANY help you can provide. If you&#039;d like more information, or have a question, please ask. I&#039;m not sure exactly what to put into this post.