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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi,<BR><BR>In our web application we are tracking the user information by writing the User ID, Time Stamp into database. User ID is being derived from Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER"). This code is on the server-side script.<BR><BR>We also have few links on ASP page. These links are word, excel documents residing on virtual directory. We need to track which user is viewing which link. I was wondering what could be the best method to implement tracking of links. I really appreciate any ideas/suggestions.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Well, in IIS you could always parse the log files for the calls to that page.<BR><BR>Or I would consider putting in a hidden frame that is called when the link is clicked (keep track of the user so that if they click the link multiple times in some period of time it will only count as one). <BR><BR>Or you could have the link go to an asp page that does the database call to update your count, then forward them to the document. <BR><BR>Lots more options.

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