I am currently using a text browser on a radio scanner that supports standard HTML tags. I have been using ASP for these scanners, but have been looking at moving over to the .NET world. I have "ported" an ASP application over to VB.NET. When I try to bring up the page on the browser, I receive an error message. Because of the screen limitations of the device, I cannot read the entire message. This VB.NET application runs correctly when using IE 6.0. Here is what I can get out of the message: <BR><BR>File:<BR>D:EappsEappsInventoryweb.config Line 25<BR><BR>----------------------------------------<BR> Version Information: Microsfot .NET <BR>Framework Version:1.0.3705.0; ASP.NET Version:1.0.3705.0<BR><BR><BR><BR>Line 25 from D:appsaspInventoryweb.config is<BR>&#060;authentication mode="Windows" /&#062; <BR><BR>Anybody have any ideas why I am getting this screen?<BR><BR>