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    john doe Guest

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    i got rs("x") that is a auto num.<BR>and i got request("y") - which y is an integer...==&#062; "y" is a string<BR><BR>how do i make a condition - rs("X") os a num - <BR>and the request("Y") is a string:<BR><BR>if rs("x") = request("y") then<BR>***<BR>don&#039t get any true statement...<BR>please...<BR>thanks,<BR>bye

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    ActiveALLI Guest

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    if cint(rs("x")) = cint(request("y")) then<BR><BR>Note if Y is not an integer or is NULL the Cint will fail.<BR>Cint is Convert to Integer

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    Ryan S Guest

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    Here is a trick I use quite often.<BR><BR>if rs("x") & "" = request("y") & "" then<BR><BR>Hope that helps.<BR>

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    john doe Guest

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    thanks to both of you...<BR>i succed myself in the second way...<BR>but thanks~<BR>:-)

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