Hi all. <BR>If you read my post yesterday i was interested in obtaining the MAC address from a remote machine. I emailed Steve Gibson from http://grc.com (gibson research corporation) and he sent me the following response.<BR><BR><BR>Hi Jonathan,<BR><BR>&#062;I&#039;ve searched high and low all over the net and not been able to find any<BR>&#062;decent information about Mac addresses. I seem to remember a couple of<BR>&#062;years ago, that you used to display the Mac address of a computer when you<BR>&#062;went into the "probe my ports" section of shields-up.<BR><BR>I still do when it&#039;s available. :)<BR><BR><BR>&#062;I can understand that you&#039;re probably the second busiest man on Earth,<BR>&#062;after Bush (probably), but if you could give me any tips on getting a MAC<BR>&#062;address over HTTP.<BR>&#062;Basically I use ASP, VBScript, but can easily write components.<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062;I was thinking that there maybe some weird port that all network cards<BR>&#062;will interface on to give out this information?<BR><BR>For some bizarre reason, Microsoft&#039;s NetBIOS server adds its local client&#039;s<BR>NIC adapter MAC address to NetBIOS "NBNAME" query replies.<BR><BR>The Windows "nbtstat" command will issue these queries and display the<BR>replies. Specifically, the "-a" and "-A" options. You&#039;ll need to bounce<BR>them off of a machine without a good personal firewall and with default<BR>"bindings" of Windows services and protocols. :)<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>________________ __________________________________________________ ____<BR>Steve.<BR><BR>I&#039;m going to see if i can make something of this, so i&#039;ll kep you updated.<BR><BR>Jonny Tooze<BR>