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    Hello, if any one experienced can give me some pointers, I would appreciate it a lot. <BR><BR>I have been running a community with ASP.NET for 5 months now. It has an instant messaging feature which works as so: <BR><BR><BR>1. User A clicks on user B to send him a Msg, <BR>2. window pops up, user A types in a Message <BR>3. Message goes into the Database <BR>4. hidden frame which refreshes every 10 seconds <BR> checks for message <BR>5. if there is a message for user B, a window pops up <BR>6. user b gets the message <BR><BR>My concern is that this seems like a real stupid way to do things, having the hidden frame refresh every 10 seconds just to check for message. Is there any more intelligent way of checking for messages from the database and then pop up a window if there is a meesage, withought having to refresh? <BR><BR>Please e-mail me at <BR><BR>thanks

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    Default Crosspost. <eop>


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