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Thread: IIS/ASP, RMI, Java

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    Default IIS/ASP, RMI, Java

    I am trying to get a piece of Java RMI code to run through IIS/ASP this fails with the following error displayed in the browser :<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Java Exception (0x80004005)<BR>java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: java/security/AccessController.doPrivileged Possible causes: If you are trying to use J/Direct (@dll.import), check your compiler version (for JVC, requires 4336 or greater.) If you are trying to use RNI, there are new requirements: see documentation.<BR>/emisrimclient.asp, line 5<BR><BR>The example provided by MS on support document Q167941 works fine (but this is a very simple piece of code)<BR><BR>The ASP I am using is as follows :<BR><BR>&#060;html&#062;&#060;body&#062;<BR>&#060 ;h1&#062;EMIS RMI Client&#060;/h1&#062;<BR>&#060;% set RmiObject = Server.CreateObject("EMISRmiClient") %&#062;<BR>&#060;% = RmiObject.getFullMR() %&#062;<BR>&#060;hr&#062;<BR>&#060;/body&#062;&#060;/html&#062;<BR><BR>The Java code (compiled (using JVC from MS Java SDK 4.0) to class in winntjava rustlib) I am using is as follows :<BR><BR>import java.rmi.Naming;<BR>public class EMISRmiClient<BR>{<BR> public String getFullMR() throws Exception<BR> {<BR> String strMed;<BR> int nConnect; <BR> EMISRmi MedRec = (EMISRmi)Naming.lookup("rmi://");<BR> nConnect = MedRec.connect("", "MIS", "MIS");<BR> strMed = MedRec.CallGetFullMR(nConnect, 1, 1);<BR> MedRec.disconnect(nConnect);<BR> return strMed; <BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>What this piece of Java code actually does is - it goes and talks to a DLL file which communicates with a third party databases application (recoded the class file to work standalone works fine so I reckon the problem is the IIS-&#062;Java link)<BR><BR>Any suggestions??

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    Default When you say compiled..

    Do you mean you have it in .class form now, or did you use MS&#039; COM wrapper?<BR><BR>If you did .class, I didn&#039;t know you could do server.createobject... I thought it was GetObject().

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