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    Hi guys,<BR><BR>My server only runs the follwoing components and will not add any others.<BR><BR>jmail,aspupload,ASPEmail and ASPtear.<BR><BR>I can send emails but I really want to read them via my site, I have noticed that the emails are stored in a plain text file called inbox.mbx on my server. is there any way to read these in via script without using a component. I&#039;m not too bothered about attachments etc as I hardly recieve any.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Jamie

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    if the raw data exists in a text file then it should be easy to read that file and display the data in a page. Just use the FSO (file system object) to pick the file up and read through the text, deciphering/trimming out any of the meta information contained with each email.<BR><BR>I must say; the best way to integrate pop3 through the net is to read up about MS Exchange and start to use the CDO interface. If you have used CDONTS for sending emails, then try to find out how to use it for retrieving email too. This way it saves you writing lots of scrappy code to eat up text files, and also makes it easier to research into problems as this is a widely used method.<BR><BR>Hope that helps,<BR><BR>Jonny Tooze

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