How to code for trial version?

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Thread: How to code for trial version?

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    Default How to code for trial version?

    Hi, <BR> i developed a application which i want to host on the net, but the problem is i dont know how to create a trial version for my aplication which will be downloaded and after the trial period is over it should stop running.Can any one help me on this plz?

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    Default Is the application inside....

    ...a DLL file?<BR><BR>If so, have the Class_OnLoad (or whatever it&#039;s called) subroutine automatically check the time against an installation time you cleverly hid in the registry someplace.<BR><BR>It can then do two things. Firstly, it could connect to a mail server and send you mail about it (or hit a website which will log the problem), and then it should just stop executing. Have a "End" statement in there or something.<BR><BR>It&#039;s hardly rocket science! :)<BR><BR>Craig.

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