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    Hi,<BR><BR>Development Environment -Windows 2K Advanced version, ASP-3.0, SQL server 2K and Visual studio 6.0, COM+ and MTS.<BR><BR>Problem Description<BR>In our ASP code we are getting an Error. Whenever we are submitting a page and data contains ¶ (alt 20), in Request collection it automatically adds a special character  (Alt 0194) along with the above mentioned character.<BR><BR>Suppose in page1 we are submitting "abc¶" when we print Request collection in page2, we get "abc¶".<BR><BR>We have five IIS servers. At first this problem occurred in one IIS server and one by one all the servers now have the same problem.<BR><BR>We have done lots of trouble shooting in reinstalling the s/w (WIN2K, MDAC, SERVICEPACK-2).<BR><BR>Thanks & Regards<BR>Sunanda

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    use the replace function to remove any  characters before printing it on the screen.

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