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Thread: Odd Response: method=get not giving results

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    Does anybody know if there&#039s some sort of structural limitation on the &#060;form action="..." method=get&#062;, esp. one where a form submits to it&#039s parent script?<BR> I&#039ve got a form which passes a variable back to its page to change a data view. I&#039d like to set it in the .queryString, as that makes my user tracking a lot easier. When I hit the submit button, it refreshes the page; no request.queryString available.<BR> I cut the output source into a new file to test it and it worked flawlessly, so it&#039s not the code per se...

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    Sathiya Guest

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    I cant understand the problem very well, But i understand that when you click the submit the page refreshes and the query string value is lost. One way to stop this is for example if your query string is FName then store the name in an hidden variable<BR><BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="Fname" value=&#060;%=request("FName")%&#062;"<BR><BR>so when you refresh also the page gets the same value from this hidden varaibel if the query string is null. you should always refer the variable as Request("Fname") not request.querystring or form.<BR><BR>If i didnt understand the problem and gave some wrong idea. naaa it will not happen.

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    Very odd.<BR>Does the page work if you use post instead of get?<BR>-A post explicitly requests a new response from the server,a get can be cached.<BR><BR>Do you mean that there is nothing at all in the querystring (location bar) or that it is inaccesible from asp?<BR><BR>-I&#039ll check back...<BR>

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    1) The Post form which I have on the page (right below the Get form) works fine [after removing a syntax error, anyway].<BR><BR>2) When using the Get form, there is no ?strUser=XYZ attached to the page URL.<BR><BR>And in other news, try a &#039server.mapPath(",")&#039 -- then try to figure out where the behavior is officially documented.

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