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    Not sure if my solution will turn out to be ASP or JavaScript but maybe someone here knows of a way or a tool.<BR>I want to write an admin page for our Intranet. Staff will paste text into textareas and this text will make up the content of a page. However I want to give them formatting options e.g. font colors, headings, line breaks etc. In the past I have done a toned down version of the beast where the user could hit a button and (using JavaScript) a &#060;P&#062; would be plonked into place in the textarea. But when it comes to a pallete of colours and other formatting this could get heavy!<BR>Any thoughts/ideas?<BR><BR>Jay

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    Default Try this URL...

    It&#039;s pretty amazing.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Needs a bit of work here and there but it&#039;s a great start.<BR><BR>

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    Default I'm working on something

    It will have options for editing HTML manually, and I&#039;m going to make a wizard to customize what features will be available. It&#039;s all in client side and am just ironing out the bugs. Will be freeware.

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