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    I&#039ve just installed Personal Web Server and written a test asp file. The file runs fine on my computer, but when I try to view the webpage from someone else&#039s computer (through the internet), I get error messages like "Connection refused". What do I need to do to make my asp files visible to anyone on the internet? I&#039m thinking it has something to do with the naming of my server. The instructions for PWS say something about this. They say that you should make a folder in your home directory, store your asp files in this folder, and then create an alias for the location. I&#039ve done this, so that I&#039m typing something like "http://servername/folder/test.asp". That doesn&#039t work. Then, I used the IP address of my machine, and tried something like "". That didn&#039t work either (meaning, I was able to view the webpage from my own computer, but not from someone else&#039s).<BR><BR>Can anyone help me on this?

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    If you need to see your files you need to host your site the Ip address is your machine IP not the IP that you see in the world wide web. So you can view it in your system but not on others if oyu want to know more details you can read notes from 4guysfromrolla or from msdn site.

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