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    I was trying to send mail from my asp page. I just installed IIS. Before I was not using IIS and I just upload my asp to my site and work. Now after installing IIS and when I tried <BR><BR>Dim objMail<BR>Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") &#039;line 44<BR><BR>its giving<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Server object, ASP 0177 (0x800401F3)<BR>Invalid class string <BR>/nuads/view.asp, line 44<BR><BR>Should I have to do something in my IIS. (this asp is working when I upload it to my site using ftp and try.)<BR><BR>

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    Read this thread:<BR><BR><BR>Or click here:<BR><BR><BR>Then in the textbox enter "Invalid class string" then search<BR>

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