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    I&#039;ve just uploaded some "update" page and each time I submit changes I get a http 500 error. What causes this? And how am I supposed to find out what is wrong with my page?<BR><BR>Is this something to do with the web server or the page?

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    An HTTP 500 error means its a server error.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, there is no way of telling exactly what that error is.<BR><BR>What you need to do is DEBUG so start from the top of your page make Response.Write&#039;s in critical area such as right before executing an SQL Query.

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    Default Use a local test server (if you can)

    Here&#039;s the article on WHY you are only getting error 500s instead of specific errors:<BR><BR>;EN-US;Q261200&<BR><BR>For my testing of sites I use a local server for this reason. Both of the hosting companies I use all I&#039;ll see on their servers is error 500s. So I test here locally and then upload the hosts. It&#039;s a pain changing the dbase references but it&#039;s a hell of a lot easier than trying to troubleshoot non-helpful errors.<BR><BR>Peek

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