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    Hi<BR><BR>I have 2 servers - one in US, one in Australia. Is it possible for me to direct all traffic i get on my US server from Asia and Australia to be served out the australian server. Can I do that kind of redirection on the fly?<BR>

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    Default Provided you've found some reliable way

    to determine where the user is connecting from you should be able to simply do a response redirect from the first asp page. This would need to be done upon initially hitting the site. Also, watch out if the other server is also redirecting if the user belongs on the us server. If the logic is incorrect you could end up in a loop like this:<BR><BR>:TOP<BR>User connect to server in US<BR>Server in US determines asian connection <BR>Redirect to Austrailia server<BR>Server in Australia determines us connection<BR>Redirect to US server<BR>Goto TOP<BR><BR>

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