How to close Command object ?

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Thread: How to close Command object ?

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    Default How to close Command object ?

    I am displaying values in combobox taking from database,one by one in different comboboxes , After Executing first stored procedure I am closing command object and again I am using same command object to execute next stored procedure but i am getting fallowing error<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E14)<BR> [Oracle][ODBC]Syntax error or access violation.<BR> /SQUAD/include/leftstrip.asp, line 145<BR><BR>Please tell me what may be the problem

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    Default I don't think CLOSE is problem...

    You wouldn&#039;t expect to get that error from an open/close problem. I&#039;d suggest there is another cause, completely. But, since my crystal ball is in the shop and my ESP doesn&#039;t work on weekends, I can&#039;t see your code from here, to tell for sure.<BR><BR>

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