How do I select a certain record froma recordset

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Thread: How do I select a certain record froma recordset

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    John Jeffery Guest

    Default How do I select a certain record froma recordset

    I have data from several different databases, and I wish to link it. i.e. In recordset rsActions, I have the ID for a Team Member. In recordset rsTeam, I have the names and the ID for all team members. What I want to do is select the Team Member from rsTeam where the rsTeam ID = rsActions ID.<BR><BR>I unfortunately can&#039t do this through the Access tables prior to the ASP page because they are different databases and I do not have control over the linking within the DBs.<BR><BR>I hope this makes sense to somebody.

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    Assuming you know how to use Record Sets use this SQL string to do the job:<BR><BR>SELECT MyTeam.* <BR>FROM MyTeam<BR>WHERE MyTeam.TeamID = MyOtherTable.ActionID<BR><BR>Or you could have the ID read in as a varible and place this in your SQL string<BR><BR>...<BR>WHERE MyTeam.TeamID = 44<BR><BR>Hope That Helps<BR><BR>Pete

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    vijay Guest

    Default Rlistbox when button clicked should send the item to another listbox

    there are two listboxes and two command button ,the first listbox is populated from the database,when an item is selected from the<BR>first listbox and when the ADD button is clicked it should populate the second listbox , and for deleting when the second button(Delete) is clicked the selected item from the second listbox should be deleted and from the database too.<BR>please write to me where i can find the solution for this problem<BR>i want to do this using visual basic for server side.

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