Sorry for the re-post of this, but it&#039s very important for me...<BR><BR>Well, not an easy title to choose for this. I did a full featured bulletin board in ASP withing Frontpage 2000 (but all is handcoded, not any helps from FP or access). If you know UBB (, it&#039s very similar but all in ASP while UBB is in pearl and .cgi...<BR>You can try a usable version on my web-site :, it&#039s not 100% finished yet (but fully usable), it&#039s still mostly in french but I&#039ll do a full translation as soon as the french version is finished.<BR>Now, I want to share it for free (a litle bit as the creator of this BB did), but I do not want people to look into the code (no tricks here but I do not want someone to use it to earn money :-). Is thee a way to protect the .asp pages ? Complilling them into a .DLL (I do not know anything about this so please do not blame me...) ?<BR>Help me because I really wish to share it as I think that it&#039s one of the best powerfull BB ever did (in ASP or anything else ;-)<BR><BR>Best regards to all of you !<BR><BR>(Special thanks to the people, I learnd ASP thanks to this only one site !)<BR><BR>A+++<BR>Bruce<BR>