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    Does anyone know how to write a Web Crawler in VB ..?? The only one example I could find was written in Java.

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    Default I know how!

    You start Visual Basic 6.0. Probably something like START-&#062;MS VISUAL STUDIO-&#062;Visual Basic 6.0<BR><BR>Then, you click on &#039;Create Standard EXE&#039;.<BR><BR>Then you start coding the application.<BR><BR>This part is very important, I can&#039;t stress that enough.<BR><BR>Make sure you save your work as often as possible. My suggestion is to create a folder &#039;Web Crawler in VB&#039; and keep all your source files together. <BR><BR>Once coding is complete, go to FILE-&#062;MAKE &#060;projectName&#062;.exe<BR><BR>And voila! You have a Web Crawler in VB excutable form!

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    Default Geez...

    smart ***

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