Hello, again...<BR><BR>I have a Fox Pro DB which I want to connect to using ADO via ASP. The code I&#039m using works on another FoxPro DB just fine, as long as the DB is stored on the same box as the web server and the DB is not open exclusivly. I have converted my DSN to point to the New DB, I&#039ve converted the SQL Statement, I&#039ve got everything in place so the code should work, BUT...<BR><BR>When I try to connect to the new DB which lives on a Data Server (Not the Web Server) I get the error ("Cannot Open //DataServer/F/Data/hubs.dbf"). I know these things:<BR>1. The Database Exists.<BR>2. The Database is not locked Exclusive in FoxPro.<BR>3. I can connect to the DB via Access with no problems.<BR>4. There are users editing data via FoxPro at all times.<BR>5. I am stumped...<BR><BR>I hope one of you brilliant people out there have seen this same problem and have found a workaround/fix. Please contact me via Email: Mooose@kudoku.com or even call me: 816.471.5555 (Ask For Mooose) Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>Mooose