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    Was wondering if any of you are interested in a school project. My daughter in 2nd grade has been tasked with sending this paper doll to different places -- preferably around the world. She&#039;s supposed to send it to a few places, that person takes a picture with her paper doll, maybe drops a postcard in, and sends it back.<BR><BR>Now, being the programmer I am, I originally was going to scan the image of her paper doll, and superimpose it onto different areas of the world. I still have some postcards from England and Holland, and do that. My wife said I can&#039;t do that :( She wants it to be fair. Plus my daughter doesn&#039;t wanna cheat -- what&#039;s up with that?!?<BR><BR>So, since the rest of her class probably doesn&#039;t &#039;know&#039; anybody that far away, I wanted her to maybe have this sent through Holland and England (since she lived in both places). May be a stop along in the states along the way.<BR><BR>Oh, and if you&#039;re wondering, this has now become MY project ;) It&#039;s the first fun project she&#039;s had since being in school, and finally my place as a father to completely go overboard and take over complete control of her project is set in motion.<BR><BR>If you had a digital camera, that would be great -- I wouldn&#039;t want to have this cost anybody anything. Heh, maybe Doug would be nice enough to lend us some space on his site to put up the pictures from us.<BR><BR>Let me know if any of you are interested -- I can give further details... send me an email. steve_cimino@hotmail.com<BR><BR>If you&#039;re not, don&#039;t worry about it. I also thought it would be fun for us as well. If any of you have school age kids, I promise my daughter will send them personal mail as well, and probably a few souveniers from Arizona.<BR><BR>Whoda thunk that aspmessageboard.com could be used in such a way?

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    Default I'm in. You have mail <eop>


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