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    I really donno whether i am correct may be you guys can show mi the rite way.<BR>I want to show some realtime quote values on my asp page, well I am doing the same in my client program (VC++)- which in terms will connect to my server and get the values.<BR>So my question is,<BR>1. In my asp page how will I show the values?<BR>is it something like make a com which will do the functionalities of the client prog and create an object of it in the asp page and show the data.<BR><BR>i donno wut i am thinkin is correct or is there any other way or better way to do it?<BR><BR>thank in advance

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    Default Make your own or use XMLHTTP...

    or something similar. I guess if you&#039;ve written the code already it wouldn&#039;t be too tricky to convert into a COM object and might be the best bet as it&#039;ll save you rewriting the code that works out where the relevant data is on the page. From a maintenance point of view this would be good too - change your client program to use the DLL so that you only have to update the page grabbing code in one place.<BR>

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