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    geeoff Guest

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    Does anyone know how to associate an icon to your web site so that when people add it to their favorites, that icon is displayed instead of the default IE icon? Can this be done in Netscape? I noticed that 4guys has just done this with their name. The icon is a 4.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>-geeoff

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    Ryan S. Guest

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    Sometimes it really does pay to try and search our site for details on your own. <BR><BR>The answer to your question can be found at<BR><BR><BR>

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    geeoff Guest

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    thanks but you wouldn&#039t have a job then ;-)

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    Alphabet Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>If R.S. is being paid, somehow I don&#039t think that it is to compensate for your laziness!<BR><BR>A search for either of the words "Favorite" , "Icon" will find the aforementioned article.<BR>

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    geeoff Guest

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    hey, it was a joke.....I seem to recall a certain user named ALPHABET slamming another user named NATH for posting a question that could have been worded a little better. DO YOU REMEMBER?

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    Alphabet Guest

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    Yah I remember, and ...

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    geeoff Guest

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    &#039nuf said. Ryan, sorry if I offended you. Alpha, do some work.

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    fl1rt Guest

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    I think we all make the mistake of not using the search tool that well. 4 guys is becoming quite a large site that sometimes it is easier to simply ask - even though it is lazy, if the answer is there.<BR><BR>now where&#039s the search tool?<BR>: )<BR>I think I&#039ll check that .ico article myself as I never completed it some months ago.

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    Just for the record, 4guys columnist don&#039t get paid for<BR>the work they do on 4guys or here. We do it because we want<BR>to help others with problems we&#039ve already encountered.<BR><BR>So since it is volunteer we aren&#039t forced to give anyone help.<BR>But we do what we can.

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