I may have completely confused myself trying to accomplish this because I&#039;ve tried too many things. I&#039;m having dificulty building a DataGridCommandEventArg to pass to a procedure that handles a DataGrid Button Column.<BR><BR>I have a page that loads a list of information from a SQL DB into a DataGrid Button Column. This list references a full set of information in the SQL DB. When the user clicks the button the procedure that handles the DataGridCommandEventArg populates a textbox with the full information from the SQL DB. What I&#039;d like to do is initially load the textbox on Page_Load with the information in the the SQL DB related to the first list item in my DataGrid Button Column. I figured I would be able to accomplish this by passing a DataGridCommandEventArg to the procedure from the Page_Load procedure, only I&#039;m having a hell of a time accomplishing this because I am unable to construct my own DataGridCommandEventArg referencing the first item.<BR><BR>I would appreciate it if anyone has some guidance for me on how to build build a DataGridCommandEventArg to pass to a procedure that is expecting one. Let me know if I&#039;ve been to vague.<BR><BR>kidk