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    I have developed an app that uses global.asa to track visitors actions. On session_OnEnd the global.asa file deletes any records created in an SQL database during that session.<BR><BR>Worked great until i transferred the app to another server. The only difference is that the global.asa file accesses an SQL database on another server, originally it accessed a local SQL server to make the updates.<BR><BR>????<BR><BR>Doesn&#039;t make sense why it doesnt work, the paths to the database server are correct, the application is basically identical to its original.<BR><BR>The session_onstart event accesses the database fine?, the problem is only in session_onend.<BR><BR>If you can offer me any advice i would greatly appreciate it.<BR>

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    Session_OnEnd is buggy... sometimes it fires, sometimes it doesn&#039;t.<BR><BR>I really need to write a FAQ on this... eventually.....

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