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Thread: changing 'ORDER BY' has no effect

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    I have written a page that gets some data from an access database and puts it in a table, then sorts the data. This all works ok. However if use a querystring to select the field that i want to order by and have each column heading as a hyperlink to reload the page with the data sorted on that column, the tables don&#039;t reorder. I have to close the browser and start a new session in order to reorder the table. <BR><BR>Is there a way i can force the page to refresh properly or make it think that each click starts a new session?<BR><BR>I hope you can understand my babbleing. The server is NT4 running IIS 4 in case this is an issue.

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    try response.buffer=true at the beginning of your ASP code or at the top of the page

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