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    I am building a standard call center report. This report consists of several clients along the left side and several metrix along the top. I have a current working report that has a very long proceedural script that gathers all the metrix at once. Reciently I decided to rewrite it and am having a delima. Do I continue writing this huge 100+ lines of procedural code or break it up into functions for each of the metrix? <BR><BR>Something along the lines of <BR><BR>function pcntSLA(product, threshold){<BR><BR>....<BR>...<BR>}<BR><BR>even if each of the functions have to make a new data base query..<BR><BR>Which way should I go to get the best performance out of my script?

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    I would break it down into functions, at the very least it&#039;ll make the code shorter and therefore compilation slightly quicker.

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