Change in APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH when Directory is mad

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Thread: Change in APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH when Directory is mad

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    Default Change in APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH when Directory is mad

    Hi all,<BR>Recently my webmaster at work decided to make our directory off<BR>of root into an application. Consequently, the server variables<BR>changed, most noteably APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH which is normally<BR>something similar to this convention d:inetpubwwwroot <BR>and was changed to d:inetpubwwwrootlahlah<BR>Is there any way to make APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH resolve to what<BR>it should d:inetpubwwwroot when a sub off the root is made<BR>into an application? I see no real purpose for the change in<BR>the server variable when you make a directory into an <BR>application and I have APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH in scores of documents<BR>and rather than convert I was hoping someone here had a solution.<BR>I really look like an idiot at work now, having applications<BR>that worked fine until this change was made on the server<BR>and will be forced into a re-write of applications if there is<BR>no way to put APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH back to what it was<BR>Many thanks in advance to all who read and try to help,<BR>Monty

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    Default RE: Change in APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH when Directory is

    Not sure exactly what you want but I **think** what you need is a line like this in your global.asa files<BR><BR>application("root") = server.mappath("/")<BR><BR>this will map you a physical path to the top of your server tree, then you just run a (careful, backed up first) search and replace on the physical path stuff

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