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    Default Adding/Changing/Deleting multiple records at the s

    Ok I&#039;m new so sorry if I don&#039;t use the correct keywords and babble a little bit to get my point across.<BR><BR>I have a table with the following<BR>FeatureID &#060;- primary<BR>ProductID &#060;- ID code to identify which product it is under<BR>FeatureDesctiption<BR>FeatureOrder<BR><BR >I&#039;m displaying a database-driven bulleted list called &#039;feature&#039; All features under a specific productID gets displayed and then ordered by FeatureOrder<BR><BR>Ok that works. Now i&#039;m making an admin page so the client can update this w/o having to go though the database. I&#039;m still rather new, and i&#039;m sure theres a better way to do it. But what i had planned to do what have a form with 10 textfields. Have them submit (up to 10) their info in order that they wanted it shown, and then have the database Change the current descriptions in the database, ADD new ones if needed and DELETE any if the textfields are blank but had record in there for that order.<BR><BR><BR>Am i making much sense? Any help? If you need something clarified i&#039;ll here lurking here waiting.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>TheDPQ<BR>dpq@illminds.c om

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    Default sort order field and delete option on the form

    I would suggest you add a sortOrder field to your table.<BR>On the form, populate the listing according to the sort order. The user can change the sort order by updating the values corresponding to the listing. You can have another additional box for each entry to pertain to deleting the record. You would allow two operations on the form. One, DELETE selected entries, or UPDATE to refresh the listing sorting on the updated information.<BR>

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