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    I got a problem. In my site, I got formset which is in a div tag. When I apply some XSL to make it look nice, All of the input, radio etc. display&#039;s all over the place.<BR><BR>It looks great in IE & NS6, but in NS4.x, there all over the place<BR><BR>btw, in the div there&#039;s a table that divides all of the input,radio, checkbox...<BR><BR>Did anybody hear of a bug that causes this?<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated<BR><BR> foMemberForm<BR><BR>This is the link of the page to see the layout<BR>Like I said, looks great in IE 5.x+ & NS6+, but not NS4.x

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    Default Netscape 4.x doesn't suppot...

    .. dynamic positioning with stylesheets. Or at least not well.<BR><BR>If you NS4 is a requirement, you have a big job ahead of you. You need to get rid of the positioning with the stylesheet and do it all through HTML tables.<BR><BR>-Doug

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