Event execution from VBScript to run a procedure

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Thread: Event execution from VBScript to run a procedure

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    Default Event execution from VBScript to run a procedure

    Help - I need to run a VB procedure directly from a button using onClick instead of using Javascript inbetween. Can you run a VB proc from these events onBlur onFocus etc. Also when I have a VB proc or function on my page it gets executed as the page loads which I dont want, only when I click the right button. I am making filters on a record list and want to set a variable according to which button is pressed then incorporate that variable into the SQL string. It works ok but I need to save the variable values inbetween page refreshes so I thought I could use Application("varname") = value<BR>Any ideas on the above - signed Desperate of Cambridge

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    Default I seriously hope that's not...

    "Desparate of Cambridge Uni".<BR><BR>Because if so, our academic standards are severely slipping. Not to mention our English skills.<BR><BR>How about looking in the FAQs. I think that reading the "Nature Of Things" category will help you. You need to understand the difference between Server and Client scripting, and why the two cannot interact. You will need to understand the HTTP protocol, too.<BR><BR>I suggest you take two steps back from where you are, and try something slightly more simple. Experiment with the client-server architecture and see what it can do, and its limitations. <BR><BR>Hint: Because the HTTP protocol is a Request/Response protocol, you CANNOT have an open connection to the server. Not over HTTP. If you want to code it in TCP then fine, but you can&#039;t do it directly from VBScript, you&#039;ll need an ActiveX component. As such, each time the user makes a CHANGE to the data, or requests a different FILTER on the data, a new HTTP REQUEST needs to be formed.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re STILL stuck, then I suggest you post a couple of more specific questions on here.<BR><BR>Craig.

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