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    Hi: <BR>I have a form that uses a simple ASP script (using the CDONTS object) that generates a email reply to me when someone fills up the form. Works well. Here&#039;s my problem. I get empty replies 3-4 times a week. This is not because people haven&#039;t filled up the fields for I do have a Javascript field validation tool in place. I think it&#039;s because they&#039;ve reloaded the ASP page and hence triggers the form to submit an email (an empty form reply comes in). Can someone please suggest a solution to this issue? Has anyone out there experienced a similiar problem? Please help!<BR><BR>speedoflight at

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    Default Several...

    1) Server-side validation<BR>2) Forward them on to a thankyou page<BR>3) Attempt to close the browser window<BR>...<BR><BR>It really depends on your situation.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    just pass a hidden variable e.g FILLED from ur form .. and check it before executiing the cdonts code.<BR>if action ="filled" then <BR> cdonts<BR>else<BR> no cdonts<BR><BR>end if <BR><BR>hope this works <BR>brij<BR><BR><BR>

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