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Thread: Windows NT Authentication logout problem

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    Hi,<BR>I am using Win NT&#039;s basic authentication, wherein it asks for the NT username/passwd when a website is accessed, before allowing any further action. It works the first time, but when I logff using session.abandon in the log off page, and then again go to the default page (which is also the login page where the authentication is supposed to happen), it does not ask for any authentication and allows access straightaway. The security problem is that a different user can easily log on via the authentication details that were provided the first time. Even If I direct the logout page to an external website ( such as 4guysfromrolla) and come back, I can access the home page. The only way it works is by closing the browser and starting again, but that is too shabby. How do I set it to ask me for the NT username&#039;passwd everytime I go to the default page? Please help me on this, I have a deadline coming really close.Thanks<BR>Anant

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