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    i have several include files that several pages are pointing to. these include files are located in /libs ..and the pages are in various folders..lets say.. /folder1/folder2/page.asp<BR>the issue i am having is..with the include files being static..but the location of the pages being changing, i need a short and simple script to dynamically change the directory paths to certain objects within the page...lets say images.<BR>if a page was in /folder1/folder2/page.asp ..and the include file was in /lib and the include file had a pointer to /images for its images and i included it into the page.asp the links would be broken due to the fact that the directory path would be incorrect. so i need a script that i can tell it what the root directory is, and it changes the directory paths for certain objects within the page. make sense? if you need to know more...please contact me asap @<BR>thanks in advance

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    If you are looking to change the directory path of the include files, that&#039s impossible. I&#039ve tried it before. The problem is that the include files are put into the page before any of the ASP is executed. <BR><BR>Erick

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    yea...i just figured that one out too...i was trying to make it harder than it really way...i was including FILE instead of VIRTUAL...opps.

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