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    When sending email to recipients retrieved from a database, I receive the following error."jmail.Message error &#039;8000ffff&#039; <BR>The message was undeliverable. All servers failed to receive the message". I added some code to write the recipient address to the screen after each send and now I can see that the number of emails sent varies from one to 10 before the error is reported. Can someone explain what is causing this and more importantly - if this is due to the mailserver being busy? can someone suggest code which "on error" would recommence sending from the failed address. <BR>

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    Default From the Dimac support site...<BR><BR>The error you&#039;re getting is a general error. JMail was unable to connect to the mailserver, perhaps an incorrect serveraddress has been set in <BR>JMail.ServerAddress. <BR>Enable logging by setting <BR>JMail.Logging = true.Then read JMail.Log <BR>with <BR>Response.Write jmail log <BR><BR>for a more detailed error message.:<BR><BR>Message.Logging = true;<BR>Response.Write( Message.Log );<BR>

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