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    I have a form then I have some button then through this form I kamsumit it only with on af these buttons and then if I wana send my queries to another asp program I have to define its "HREf" to do this ,<BR> then my problem is how I could define a href in &#060;input type=button &#062;tag <BR>could you please help me!<BR>Cheers

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    &#060;input type=button OnClick=&#039;dosomething(this)&#039;&#062;<BR><BR >then write dosomething<BR>dosomething(element)<BR>if element=button<BR> document.form.action = target asp page<BR> document.form.submit<BR><BR>please note the code is not complete for even correct, it&#039;s just an example. I would suggest learning some basic javascript<BR><BR>

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