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    i have an affiliate program script that uses cookies to link data about referring pages to specific purchases. the script works fine on my domain<BR><BR>but i use a shared ssl certificate from my web hosting provider, and when i move my checkout page to their ssl folder, i get an sql insert error because the user&#039;s cookie is not being sent to the form anymore. i did a response.write on the sql when i referenced the script in my domain and in the web host&#039;s domain&#039;s shared ssl folder and the script read the cookie in my domain but did not read it in the host&#039;s domain<BR><BR>reading this cookie value is essential functionality. can anyone suggest a way that i can have the cookie read by my web host&#039;s domain in addition to my domain? the info in the cookie is not confidential. its just necessary for maintaining state.<BR><BR>currently, the code for sending the cookie is below. can anyone suggest a way to alter the following code to solve this problem?<BR><BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR> Response.Cookies("SourceInfo")("PageLoad") = page_load<BR>

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    I do not beleive you can pass a cookie from one domain to the next. At least I have never been able to.<BR><BR>My suggestion would be to either add the variable page_load to a QuerySrting:<BR><BR>Response.Redirect ""& page_load<BR><BR> or put it in a hidden field:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="page" value="&#060;%= page_load %&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>and submit the page to the ssl.<BR><BR>Just some ideas. Someone else may have a better suggestion.

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