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    I noticed someone asked pretty much the same question a bit eariler however I seek to knowlege and not just to copy and past an anwser, so if I may indulge for a simple explination that would be great, thanks.<BR><BR>Counts Records using SQL<BR>I have<BR>sql_count = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table_name"<BR>I assume that above code is correct?<BR>my problem is I do not yet understand how is it that I take my newly formed SQL statment and then utilize it though asp. I always see things like<BR>set rs=connection.execute(sql_count) <BR>or somthing to that effect but I don&#039;t really know what I am doing with that and yet still how to out put the number that is returned by SQL. <BR><BR>Thank you for any help on this matter.

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    Default Your best bet is to...

    ... read some articles on retrieving data from databases. There are FAQs and articles out there that would explain it better than a 30 second post by us.<BR><BR>It would also be good for you to read posts about GROUPING and getting totals from a database.<BR><BR>As for reading the value from the SELECT COUNT(*), because whoever posted that isn&#039;t giving the field a name, you need to refer to the field by number (starting from 0):<BR>Response.Write rs(0).Value<BR><BR>-Doug

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