Hi Guys,<BR><BR>I was just wondering if any of you had any experience using XCache www.xcache.com. For those of you that don&#039;t know this XCache, it is a product that is said to (amongst other things) increase the performance of dynamically generated sites and make dynamic sites viewable by search engines, by creating a static copy (a cached version) of all dynamically generated pages.<BR><BR>I have just been made aware of this product and was wondering if anyone had any experience using it? Does it do what is says it does, in particular, does it make dynamic (in my case ASP generated) sites viewable by search engines such as AltaVista? Any opinions/views would be much appreciated!<BR><BR>Also, what sort of cost is XCache, there is no specific prices given on their website. I imagine it is not cheap, but does anyone have a rough idea of what a single site license costs?<BR><BR>I look forward to hearing you from. Cheers,<BR>Ross<BR>